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Hello! Welcome to my (Occasional) Blog on LiveJournal.

I write about Second Life and my experiences within that Virtual World. From exploring to building, from scripting to buying, from problems to solutions, I will cover it all here. I am a fan of Second Life. I am also a fan of the real world - referred to by many SLers as First Life - but that first life will not be part of this Blog. Here I will talk only about Second Life because Markham Weatherwax is a resident of that world.

You do not need to have a LiveJournal account to comment here. You can reply by logging in with an Identity Account (Facebook, Twitter, OpenId, Google+, Etc..) or by posting anonymously. You can also post responses to my page on Facebook.

I look forward to seeing you here and also in-world! :)

Markham Weatherwax
Me June 2015


SuperFish is a Fishing Game in Second Life created by Shag Lane. Players fish at SuperFish Buoys to earn Linden Dollars ($L) for no or little cost. It is a multifaceted game where players: Fish, Mine for Ore, Dig for Gold, or Fell Trees. They can play all parts of the game, or just one part, to earn Linden Dollars. All parts of the game add points to the overall weekly and monthly SuperFish competitions.

The standard Superfish Fishing Rod, Pick, Shovel, Spade are free, as well as is the multi-purpose Hud.


Superfish is a fishing game in Second Life. It is a low commission fishing system - meaning that the landowners who host SuperFish Buoys pay a small commission for funding their buoy(s) and for selling worms at their hosted kiosks. Most of the money put into the game by landowners (and the players themselves) ends being paid out to the players (fishers) of Superfish. The small surplus is used to maintain the SuperFish game itself.

Most other, if not all, other fishing games in Second Life charge much higher percentage rates to the landowners for paying into their own buoys (and for buying the buoys themselves) and offer no real percentage when worms are purchased at their location. Superfish is more or less a not-for-profit enterprise. The players benefit and the landowners benefit. It is the most fair and balance fishing game in Second Life.


The standard Rod, Pick, Spade, and Axe are free. You wear these and use them to play the various parts of the SuperFish Game. I will detail each in the sections below.


These are very simple to use. You must be within close range of them to use them. The ATM, simply click on it withdraw your earnings from SuperFish. It pays you whenever you have over a single Linden Dollar Earned. You can withdraw multiple times per day.

The Worm Kiosk, you right click on it and select PAY. You pay the specified amount for the number of worms you want to purchase:

  1. $L10 for 100 Worms

  2. $L20 for 200 Worms

  3. L$50 for 500 Worms

  4. $L100 for 1000 Worms

Once you pay the required amount the purchased worms are automatically added to your rod/account. The rod will inform you when it gets a new amount of worms and you can also check worm amounts with your SuperFish Hud. Every cast you make provides this information also.

You can obtain 10 free worms daily at the SuperFish HQ and Trade Center Kiosk.


The SuperFish Hud is a multi-function program. It manages the Fishing, Mining, Digging, and Felling games. Click on Fishing to change the focus to the fishing game, Select Mining to change over to Mining, and so on. When Fishing is selected you can Check your earnings Balance, Find Locations to fish, Check your Worms amount, and Cast your fishing line. It's all very simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

When you select Find Location, for fishing, you then select Buoys. On the next menu that pops up you choose a Random Buoy for you to fish, or display the complete active buoy location list, or only the buoys in competition mode, or only buoys with active Events. The results are displayed in your local/nearby chat window. It is only displayed to you. Eggs are not part of the fishing game, it only compliments your earnings. I will describe SuperFish Eggs at the end of this article.

Location List is a list of active fishing buoys. These are displayed in a format showing their location and position in a Sim (Simulator) or Region of Second Life. Click on a location link and it brings up the Land Mark details of where that buoy is being hosted at. Sometimes you will see the same Sim name multiple times, but those are actually different buoys at separate positions in the same Sim or Region.


When you arrive at a buoy it will show you directly above it in Hover-text how much Budget (funds/money) is left on the buoy and the range you need to be within to fish that buoy. If you cast your line and it returns with a notice of "No Fish", you are probably not within range of the buoy. Move closer to it and try again. You will quickly learn the distance you need to be within for different ranges. Most are set at 20-40 or more meters, which is a good distance away. You should not need to crowd in close to a buoy. The range is circular from the center of the buoy, so you can position yourself to the front, back, side, over or under, with the range specified.

SuperFish Buoys can be different in shape, size, color. It depends on the one the landower has decided to use, or purchase.

Each buoy has a selectable number of casts per user, chosen by the owner of the buoy. Some are 10 casts per, some are 20 or more, or less. As you cast you will eventually see the message "You have reached your fishing limit for this location today" and you cannot fish at that buoy until the start of the next SuperFish Fishing Day.

Sometimes as you are fishing a buoy it will run out of budget (funds/money). You cannot fish that buoy again until more budget has been added to it. If it comes back up on the list of active buoys you will be able to return and continue to fish there that same day until you've reached your fishing limit (number of casts) for that particular buoy. Players can also Donate to the Location and get the buoy back up and running immediately.

Often you will see a smaller buoy near or around the larger fishing buoy. That is the Superfish Buoy Donator. It is visually a smaller version of the fishing buoy at that location itself. You can donate to the location you are fishing at and most of the amount you donate (minus 10%) will added to the buoy's budget. If you donate to an out of budget buoy it will become active again for the amount you donated into it You can show your appreciation for that location by donating to the buoy and help the buoy stay active in budget longer.

Note: If the Buoy Donator will not allow you to donate to it that is because the landowner has set it to Group Only to prevent just anyone paying into it and making the buoy active again. Most landowners will not set the option for group only, but the ones that do probably have a very specific rationale for it.

Sometimes after you select a location from the location list and get there you find the buoy is inactive or out of budget. Chances are it went out of budget or was turned off (made inactive) by the landowner just before you arrived, or the location list simply hasn't caught up the change yet. Don't fret, just move on to another buoy. The location list will catch up with the inactive buoy in short order. It is not always instantaneous.

From time to time you'll see a buoy on the location list with an X2 or more next to it. That means that that location is having an Event where the buoy pays out 2x the amount per cast that it normally does, or 3x, 4x, or more. You earn more each time you cast your line out at that location.



The free rod and Hud come in one pack. The rod itself is simple, the animations are good but can easily be overridden with an AO, so you are not locked into them. You must be within the specified range of a buoy to be able to fish. You can click on the buoy to cast, or click on the cast button on the Hud. It then casts, the timer goes up to 60, and then when it says "Ready" again you can cast again.

From time to time an AFK (Away From Keyboard) dialog box will pop up asking you to select a displayed number. This is to prevent auto-fishing (people who use programs to fish for them). If you answer the AFK test incorrectly you will have to detach and reattach your rod to continue fishing. The same applies to any of the games in SuperFish.

In your local chat window (or Nearby Chat) the rod provides a lot of data to you: When you cast; How many worms you have left; Your weekly and monthly competition points and scores; What you caught and how much it is worth; And your current earnings and SuperFish Fish amount.

SuperFish Fish can be traded in for Pick Power at the Superfish Trade Center. This will be discussed later when I have more data on it.


The functions and process of Mining are exactly the same as fishing. You attach your pick (instead of your rod) and go to a mining location to mine rocks and minerals. Like with fishing and catching various types of fish, the different rocks/minerals that you mine are worth different amounts. The menu options on the Hud are slightly different after you set the focus on Mining. There is now Check Pick PWR (Pick Power) and Mine instead of Fish and Cast.

You earn $L and also collect SuperFish Rocks, which can be traded in for other powers or worms. I will detail this when I have more information. You also earn weekly and monthly points.

You start out with 10 Pick Power with your new pick. You can obtain 10 free pick power daily at the SuperFish HQ and Trade Center Kiosk.


Grab your spade and DIG. You are digging for gold nuggets, emeralds, ore, dust, etc.. Again, what you dig up is worth different amounts. The Hud is also slightly different. You can check your Spade Power now and Dig.

You earn $L and also collect SuperFish Gold, which can be traded in for other powers or bait. I will detail this when I have more information. You also earn weekly and monthly points.

You start off with 10 Spade Power with new spade. You can obtain 10 free Spade Power daily at the SuperFish HQ and Trade Center Kiosk.


Grab your AXE and CHOP. You chop down different types of trees, like Sitka Spruces, Picea, Blackthorn, and so on. Each tree you fell is worth a different amount. On the Hud it now shows Check Axe Power and Chop when you've set the focus to Felling.

You start off with 10 Axe Power with your new axe. You collect $L and also SuperFish Trees, along with weekly and monthly points.


You can purchase different kinds of rods at the SuperFish Headquarters or vendors at some locations. There are many of varied types, from different colored rods, to broomsticks, and even a MultiTool that looks like a Swiss Army Knife. The MultiTool is a rod, a pick, a shovel, and a spade. It's an all-purpose device for all the Superfish games.

The free rod is perfectly fine, but some people want something different. The prices for the different rods start at $L50 and go up. These rods do not offer more earning power or more casts than does the standard SuperFish Rod. The benefits are seemingly purely decorative.

If you play all the games with the standard rod and save up 500 of each object type (SuperFish Fish, Rocks, Gold, Trees) you can use them at the SuperFish Prize Kiosk at the headquarters to obtain a different rod or other player object for free, including the $L100 MultiTool.

Power Drinks are produced by the SuperFish Distillery. There are different types of drinks and shots that you can earn or buy that will boost your casting speed, enhance your competition point power, and so on, for a few uses after you've consumed them. You need to wear the drink and then click on them to get the benefit. You drink them, wait until the fun animation is over, and then you will see your enhancement listed in the chat window and rod stats.

Shabbies are pets. Other than that I do not currently have any data on them. If someone knows, please let me know.


SuperFish Eggs do not have their own section on the Hud, other than random locations being provided in the Locations List Section, because they are not a direct part of the SuperFish game itself. You go to a location and hunt them. When you find one you click on it, wait a specified amount of time, click on it again when it is ready, and then it pays you the amount shown to your SuperFish Balance. You must stay within 5 meters of it to collect. Click it before the timer runs out.

The SuperFish Egg pays you and then disappears. It will repear after a set time. There may be one or many eggs at a given location. There is a limit for each egg (how may times you can click it per day, set by the owner). Eggs have different colors and pay out different amounts for different wait times.

Eggs do not increase your weekly or monthly SuperFish competition points, not do they add to your overall SuperFish Point count. They are not directly part of the SuperFish Game itself, other than that you can earn to your SuperFish Account from them.

As far as I know the SuperFish Fishing Day ends at around 4:00PM SLT, not 12:00AM SLT. I have to assume that relates to the creator's RL (Real Life/Real World) local time. It really should be changed to correspond to the end of the SL day for the benefit of the players.

There are several resources to help you. You can go to the SuperFish Headquarters and Trade Center. You can also join the Superfish Group in SL.


That's it. Those are the Basics of the SuperFish game. There are more details I need to discover about the game, but this is a good start. I will update when I have new information. If I've missed something or got something wrong, please do let me know here or in-world. This is a work in progress and I will be editing it as time permits.

Have fun and good luck!

Markham Weatherwax

Version 1.0 (Revised 02/13/17)

SuperFish was created and is owned and operated by Shag Lane. All rights Reserved. Second Life is owned, copyrighted, and Trademarked by Linden Lab. All Rights Reserved.

This page and contents are copyrighted ©2017 by Markham Weatherwax (SL)

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Me June 2015

Graphics Crashers and Game Cheaters

All of us in Second Life have experienced lag, be it client side or server, and we know what that is. We understand that we might need to Relog (Log out of SL and back in again) or leave the Sim (Region) we are in for a more stable one. Once you've experienced that kind of lag many times you will immediately realize when it is not that kind of lag at all that is messing your viewer up, it's another kind of lag of an entirely different level. In fact, it's not lag at all; It's more than likely a griefer attack.

In this Blog entry I am focusing on Griefer attacks of the viewer/graphics variety and primarily on game cheaters. These Graphics Crashers usually try to overload other user's graphics cards with high and fluctuating Complexity levels to keep those others users (players) out of the area of a game where they have stationed themselves;

For example, in Linden Realms where players collect crystals, eggs, and other things to exchange for $L, these cheaters employ nasty graphics crashing methods so that other players can't function in or around a certain area. Those cheaters can then grab the crystals or eggs or whatever all by themselves. The other players, unaware, suddenly begin experiencing viewer freezes and glitches and they can't see their avatar move at all or they move in stuttering paces - but they discover that their avatar is indeed still moving behind that screen freeze. Chances are when (and if) they unfreeze they've been killed by a Linden Realms monster. Most users will think that the Sim (Region) is being flaky so they move on to another region of the game to escape that. The cheater carries on unobstructed by competition.

If you are playing in Linden Realms you probably have your mini-map open all the time and zoomed out so that you can see other player movements and concentrations. You can tell where the most people are, and aren't, more importantly. Sometimes there are others in the same area or region that you are in, and other times there aren't any at all, but are in neighboring areas/regions. If you begin experiencing graphics freezes you know you are mostly likely within range of a graphics crasher - even if there are no other players in the region you are in.

It's not about what you can see on your screen, it's what is within the scope of the viewer itself. You can begin getting screen freezes while in a different region than the crasher is in because you are getting closer to them and the viewer is picking up more than you see on your screen.

So, how do you deal with a griefer/cheater scumbag in such a situation?

First, get yourself to a safe place where the Linden Realms Monsters can't kill you. Move out of their range. Then look on your mini-map or radar for the closest players to you, in and around your area, even if they are over in the next region, but relatively closer to your position than farther away on the other side. There might be more than one who are doing the cheating/blocking/crashing at the same time in the same area. Usually if it is just one cheater then they are busy running around collecting game items. If it's more than one, one might be standing still while the others run around doing the collecting. It can be hard to pinpoint which person or persons are doing it.

In Firestorm right click over a player dot on the mini-map, select More Options, and Derender + Blacklist. If you are not sure which player might be doing the crashing, Derender + Blacklist one player at a time and then move towards their position and if your screen stops freezing you know you've probably got the right one. If not, move back, select another player, and repeat until your screen stop freezing. You might need to run around a little bit to repeat your viewer freezing/glitching experience to make sure that the viewer freezing has stopped.

You can remove any innocent players you Derendered + Blacklisted while trying to determine who is doing the graphics crashing from your Assets Blacklist after you are sure you've got the right cheater dead to rights.

That's all you need to do to solve the griefer graphics crashing problem. It's simple, quick, and you don't have to remember complex keyboard shortcuts and advance menu changes or debug settings that can mess up your viewer more than solve this one problem. Firestorm is good at adding functions like this that help users.

Now me, I hate cheaters of any type, and I detest griefers, so I file an AR (Abuse Report) on every single one I come across. I make sure of my facts before I file. I Derender, Re-Render, test, test again, Cam in (Zoom) and watch the offending avatar's details and changing complexity levels, take snapshots for my own reference and for evidence if I am contacted by Linden Labs, and then I report the offender for Gaming TOS Violations.

I recommend filing an Abuse Report if you are sure that you've been griefed or someone is using graphics crashing on you. Just be sure of your facts and lay out the report concisely without emotion. It will be dealt with, I assure you.

Don't try to talk to the person. Don't shout out in public chat that you are filing a report or that you know what they are doing, or IM them that you've reported them. Don't give them a heads up to change their behavior for a while so as not to get caught doing it by Linden Labs Compliance. Just file the report and go about your business. Linden Labs will either deal with them or not. Save yourself the trouble (and troublemaking).


I use the newest version of Firestorm. Other viewers like Singularity might have similar functions and features, but I do not have first hand knowledge of this. As far as I know you can't permanently Derender + Blacklist in the Standard SL Viewer, but you might be able to temporarily derender an object or an avatar by opening your Advanced Menu (CTRL + Alt + D) and then selecting Highlighting and Visibility and Hide Selected. Again, I don't know if this works or is effective in such situations.


Note: You can reply to this article by logging in with your Facebook Account, Twitter, OpenID, or many other social media accounts, or you can comment here anonymously. You do not need a LiveJournal Account to post a comment. If I've made a mistake, got something wrong, or something has changed, please do let me know here on in-world.
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Me June 2015

Magic Fishing update - issues

If you get the message "invalid key passed to instant message" when trying to use a potion, chances are it is an old potion and has been canceled by TheSecondFarm. It does not matter that the potion title states that it expires on this-or-that date (like 31/12/2016). In June 2016 Magic Fishing updated some potion scripts and canceled all potions that people got before that update. Perhaps e-mailing support with the number of bad potions you have and seeking an exchange will work. Might not.
Me June 2015

Second Life and Windows 10

I upgraded months ago to Windows 10 with the free upgrade offered from Microsoft. Soon after that upgrade, along with various upgrades of the Firefox Viewer, I began to have periodic computer lockups when I was in Second Life. At first I thought it must be the chat log files because seemingly my problems happened when I got an incoming message or group chat. I did the Firefox recommended fixes: Moving the chat directory and Time-stamping in Chat Logs. That seemed to help, but did not solve the problem.

This past week I've lockups much more often. I cleared my cache many times which seemed to work for a day or a few hours. I did a full uninstall and reinstall of Firefox, scrapped my preferences and started anew, all to no avail. I did hardware checks and software checks, upgraded my video drivers, and more.

Finally out of frustration I looked at the Windows Event Log Files. I found numerous DCOM errors and App Errors. The App errors were mostly coming from SLVOICE. This is the app that allows you to hear and make voice chats with others in Second Life. This is something I never use. I have used it, but really I prefer to type. I don't even listen to other people voice chat. It is just not something I care for. I listen to music when on SL.

So, I fixed the DCOM issues just for the heck of it and disabled SLVOICE in the Firestorm Preferences. SO far it seems to have alleviated my lockups every 5 minutes. Fingers crossed that that fixes the issue.

Firestorm and other SL Viewers have listed many issues with Windows 10. Some folks have had trouble, others have not. I guess it depends on what you do, what you have (computer-wise), and what other software you have loaded.

I have a lower-end video card, comparatively. I have not had any complaints with it personally. It seems to gets the job done just fine and dandy. It is an Intel HD 4600 which is not one of the recommended SL graphics cards, but again, I've had no real issues with it. It works!

I downloaded the Intel Driver Update Utility Installer and it showed a newer graphics driver available for my video card. I checked it off and it downloaded it, tried to install it, and it would not install. It said something about my video card not meeting the minimum requirements - which made no sense to me; So I downloaded the new Windows 10 drivers directly (win64_154018.4380) and installed it that way. It installed without complaint. I immediately saw a great improvement in my graphics speed and quality in Second Life. My PC still locked-up, so that was not the issue. It was almost worth the lockups to discover this better video driver, though. Almost. *grin*

I am keeping an eye on the Windows Event Logs from now on so I nip any issues in the bud. I won't enable SLVOICE again until I am sure it will work without issues. I'll probably never enable it again because, like I said, I prefer to type-talk. It keeps my typing skills up too. :)

UPDATE: Nope. Didn't solve it. I am getting a new video card and then perhaps replacing my computers power supply. *sigh*

I also changed the link property for Firestorm to compatibility mode to Windows 8. We'll see if that helps at all.


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Me June 2015

Time and Space - Anhk Morpork Twinned with Pjame

Have you ever wanted to actually see Terry Pratchett's Discworld? Well, in Second Life you can! The Time and Space Estate (Sim) gives you just that. You can walk through some of the streets and into the shops of the most famous city on the Disc. You can hang out at The Drum, visit the Patrician's Castle, and wander down long streets that go... nowhere. There is a lot to see there so visit today because it is mostly empty of visitors.

Yes, sadly, I've visited there again many times in the past year and wandered around alone. The Time and Space Sim has been standing since 2004, so I suspect that most older users of Second Life have been there before. It is very sad that newer users are not coming, or older users for that matter. Sure, the build might need some updating (or not). Many of the activities it used to host are no longer there either apparently. But it is worth seeing and perhaps letting the owners know that people ARE coming and wanting those activities to resume. A Sim doesn't LIVE without visitors coming and seeing and doing things. It is time, past time, for people to visit Time and Space again.

You can get to it here
SLURL: Time and Space - Anhk Morpork Twinned with Pjame

Here are some screenshots from my visit today:

Take your time and wander around. There is not a lot to do these days but that might change if people start coming back and asking for life to resume in this wonderful long standing Sim.


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Me June 2015

Magic Fishing Basics

Magic Fishing.jpg Magic Fishing is a fishing game in Second Life where you can earn Linden Dollars by fishing at Magic Fishing locations. The amount you can earn depends on how much you fish. You can also make friends or just be social from time to time with others, or ignore everyone and fish alone.

The basics of Magic Fishing are simple: Get a rod, find a Magic Fishing Buoy, and... fish.

The Fishing Rods:
You can get a free Deluxe Rod and start fishing immediately. Or, you can buy a Fantasy Rod for around $L3,290. The free one will work fine but you get more weekly contest points and 4x chances at winning treasure chests with the fantasy rods. It depends on how seriously you take the game and will get into the weekly contests. I recommend starting with the free Deluxe Rod and deciding later if you want a Fantasy Rod. Most players will not need the Fantasy Rod because the weekly contest pretty much requires you to fish all day every single day of the week to get in or even close to the top 10 spots. All you win is $L350 for #1 and less for lower positions and that's not worth it to most folks for the hours and expense involved.

The Fantasy Rod(s) claim the following as Features in the fishing notices:
Loading only 30 sec. (Loading means time to initially load, not cast time)
4x weekly points
4x Treasure Chest probability
Resizer hud

Still, I got one myself and I like it. It looks better than the basic rod and to me that was worth $L3,290. *grin* Really, though, I bought it so I could fully research the game for this article and some others I wrote and am planning to write.

The Worms (Bait):
Mini-worms (Can only be used on Green Buoys)
Sticky-Worms (Can only be used on Blue Buoys)
Big Worms
Candy Worms

You do not need worms (bait) to fish, however fishing without worms takes 240-500 seconds each time you make a cast. Fishing with worms takes much less time, that time depending on which type of worms you use. The less expensive worms take more time per cast and the big and candy worms usually less time. When fishing with worms you can also randomly win more of the same type of bait (worms) that you are fishing with. These are added to your bait count automatically. Fishing without worms takes longer and does not add points to your weekly contest count.

The Mini-worms and Sticky-Worms are the essentially the same, except that you can use them only on specifically colored buoys. Mini-Worm casting times are 50-75 seconds each cast on Green Buoys. Sticky worms, take 55-65 seconds on Blue Buoys. Big Worms times are 40-60 seconds on Green, 35-55 on Blue. Candy Worms, 30-50 seconds on Green and 25-35 seconds on Blue.

These days worms also give the benefit of giving you added points for the weekly contests. Candy Worms give you 4x, Big Worms give you 2x, and Mini/Sticky I don't believe give you any. So, if you are fishing with a fantasy rod you will get the 4x for using the rod plus 4x for using candy worms and so on. So, with a fantasy rod and candy worms you will get 8x on Blue Buoys every cast for the weekly game.

Sometimes, at varying times, usually beginning on Saturday and running through Sunday (sometimes longer), you magically begin to earn more weekly points and 1+ more experience points every single cast. Then on Monday it goes back to normal. Again, magically. ;)

You can usually buy worms at any fishing area. When you buy worms at a fishing location a small percentage of the price you paid for the worms goes directly into the buoy budget at the location. The owner of the fishing area does not get paid directly for worm purchases, it gets added to the buoy budget. This helps support that fishing area and keeps it going. If you never buy bait at locations and only at the Magic Fishing HQ it doesn't help other fishing areas. The price of the bait is the same no matter where you buy it, at the HQ or at locations, but buying bait at those fishing locations helps the owners of those buoys fund them and helps keep them active longer.

However, please never buy bait at an inactive/out-of-funds buoy. This does not turn the buoy back on (make it active) and it does not add funds to that buoy's budget or benefit the landowner in any way. The entire amount you spend on worms at an inactive buoy goes directly to Magic Fishing. You can buy them if you want, you still get your worms, but the owner of that buoy doesn't benefit. FYI.

The Fishing Buoys:
These are Blue and Green and have slightly different capabilities. Maximum player (that means you) casts is 20 for green and 40 for blue. At Green Buoys you get +1 weekly contest point per cast with any type of worms (bait). At the Blue Buoys you get +1 for sticky, +2 for big, and +4 for candy. If you are fishing with a Fantasy Rod it gives you 4x weekly points minimum no matter what you fish with. So, you can cast 40 times in a row at a Blue Buoy and 20 at a Green Buoy. After that it will tell you how long until you can return to fish that buoy (fishing area) again. The time depends on the buoy and how many times you fished there that day to the maximum casts per time period.

If the buoy is group-only (meaning you have to join a group to fish that buoy) you can earn 30% more per cast.

Each Buoy is a "fishing area" and can be fished 20/40 times per day. The day starts at 12:00AM PDT (Second Life time) and ends at 12:00AM PDT the next morning, which starts it off again. If there are multiple funded buoys at a location then each buoy can be fished as a different fishing area.   Sometimes you have to detach your rod and reattach it to be able to click the next buoy, though.

The only exception to this rule is the blue buoy at the Magic Fishing HQ. It allows only 20 casts and not 40 like all other blue buoys.

Potions and Crystals:

The Potion of the Questions
You rez it or wear it, click on it, and it asks you a question. If you answer correctly you get +10 weekly contest points added. If you get it wrong, you lose -20 points. Most questions have something to do with Spain or Portugal, so have Google Search ready. ;)

Magic Fishing Secret Potion
You rez it or wear it, click on it, and it gives you more fishing experience points or takes them away depending on your luck. Currently it is 15 points with good luck and -10 if your luck is bad. If you wear a Magic Crystal of Luck and click it to activate it before you click on the potion you will not lose points if your luck is bad.

Magic Fishing XP Potion
You rez it or wear it, click on it, and it gives you more fishing experience points (+5) when you cast 5 more times.

Magical Crystal of Luck
As mentioned before, it saves you from losing points with the Secret Potion if you are wearing it and enable it. It does nothing else. Some people in the Magic Fishing community tell people it increases your luck while you are fishing. It does not. It is a thing they tell new players to mess with them.

Magic Lucky Stars
Wear this and click on it. I will give you some $L (credited to your Magic Fishing Account) then it will shine and give you 100 extra weekly points and sometimes random extra experience points. Wait for it to complete "talking" to you and then you can delete it. T

hese are rare. It is usually $L10 for all players except those in the overall top 10. They can win $L100+ Lucky Stars.

Treasure Chests
You don't buy these or find these on the ground or in the water somewhere, you win them when you fish and it automatically gives you $L to your Magic Fishing Account. You will only see the notices of them in your chat window and hear the buoy go off. It tells you how much you won. If you don't pay attention to the chat window while fishing you will not know you got one but you will see your $L amount go up.


While you are fishing you will get a pop up verification box where you have to enter a sum to a math question when you are casting. You have to get the sum right in order to make the cast. This is annoying, but it doesn't happen each time you cast. Sometimes it pops up several times in a row and then not again for long while. It is there to make sure people are not using auto-casters or bots. It is something you just have to live with if you want to play the Magic Fishing Game.

After you've fished for a bit and have earned some Linden Collars ($L) in the game you can cash out at the main HQ terminal. You can cash out up to $L300 per day.

Each prize/potion has a different sound effect. You can hear which one is being given out so you don't always have to check the chat window every time. The buoys glow too, so that helps. Different people play the game different ways and have different methods. I always check the chat window. Some people don't have to. :)

So, those are the basics of the Magic Fishing Game in Second Life. You can fish to earn Linden Dollars or fish for the weekly contest and ranking, but probably not both at the same time. Take your time and decide which you will do. If you do want to get into the weekly contests and ranking start first thing on Monday morning SLT and fish for the entire week. If you start any later you will not be able to get close to the top 10 spots.

Markham Weatherwax

Revised - Version 3.4 (02/05/17)

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Me June 2015

Fishing Games in Second Life

I've recently went back and re-looked at the fishing games in Second Life. I focused on 7Seas Fishing, Magic Fishing, and Fish Hunt.

It comes as no surprise that 7Seas Fishing is still around, but it is also still dead. It has not been updated or enhanced in a very long time. I've written before how 7Seas Fishing could come back to life, but of course no one at that service really cares enough to read anyone else's Blogs or even write in their own blog.

Magic Fishing is still around. It has it's ups and down, and right now it is mostly down in users and places hosting Magic Fishing. Currently very few people are hosting the fishing buoys which puts pressure on the remaining fishing site hosts and increases their costs because all the users are flocking to 8-15 places rather than 50-100 places. I tried hosting a buoy myself this last week. All it gave me was a small increase in traffic for the week, but I got no sales from that traffic at my Easy Going Pet Store (KittyCatS) and it cost me $L4000 all told. This is really about traffic counts. Don't host a fishing game if you want those fishers to also buy from your shop. They are there to fish, not to buy.

Fish Hunt is also still around and is probably doing better than Magic Fishing because they also have more games to play, like Gold Hunt. Magic Fishing has Crystal Hunt, but Fish Hunt has more and better games that they put more effort into than Magic Fishing.

Over the last week I've looked at all 3 Sims run by all 3 fishing games. 7Seas Fishing was completely empty most of the time. Magic Fishing and Fish Hunt had on average 15 people there each time I checked during the week, then full Sims on weekend days. That is way down from my visits last year for the same time range.

It might just be because it is that time of year. It will probably pick up once fall and winter comes. This is your chance to get ahead in points and $L dollars while things are slow.

Anyhoo! That's what I think.

Me June 2015

Land Auctions - Not for Group Land

If you are buying land in the SL Land Auction you must understand that you can only get that land as an individual. You cannot buy (win the auction) for group land. You must own it first before you can deed it off to your group as a contribution.

Recently, I wanted to bid on an auction for land for my group, but if I did my tier would have raised up over the $40 for the month to $75. That's crappy, sure, but you need consider the cost of direct land purchases from residents. If the average price for the size and location of the land you are interested in is, say, $L14,000 or $L50,000, that comes out to about $50 USD or $201 USD. Buying at auction you figure in the short term tier increase into the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the land.

You figure the tier increase to $75 for the one minute before you can contribute it to your group. So, if your normal tier would be $40 for that group owned land, you deduct $35 ($L8680) from the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the land.

Say, there is an auction for 8192m that I want. I am willing to pay up to $L24,845 ($100 USD) for that land. Buying the land will raise my tier up to $75 because I own other land or contributions. That's $35 USD ($L8680) of the maximum I am willing to pay for the land over my normal tier. That leaves me with $65 USD ($L16,165) that I can bid and not go over my maximum. I bid and win the auction for my max price and pay the $35 increased tier. In the end I paid $100 for the land I wanted. I then donate the land to my group and tier down.

This is a crappy system that punishes people who already pay tier and support SL. I would pay $65 plus the tier increase for land that someone who didn't own land could outbid me on in an auction because he doesn't have that increased tier to deduct. He could buy the property for $70 while I could not go over $65 because of that tier increase of $35. I lose out, but Linden Lab also loses up to $30 on the sale. It is a highly flawed system.

Today I found a nice 8192m protected waterfront with Linden sea that I would love to have, but it's price is $L60,200 ($242 USD). I can't afford to buy it at that price from the seller, so chances are I would not be able to buy it at auction for my $65/$35/$100 maximum either. Life is not always fair. Smiley Wink

I hope my math is right here, but don't hold me to it. ;)


Me June 2015

Users are strange

Even after so many years of being on Second Life I am always surprised to find that people will walk into someone's store or stand in the doorway of their shop.... and walk away from the computer and fall asleep. Their Avatar just stands there blocking access in and around them for what sometimes is hours on end. I kind of understood it in the old days when SL was new and no one really knew what to do or not to do, but not now! People are still doing it and doing it often.

I came into my shop at the KittyBox Secondary Market to find someone just standing there. I asked them if they needed help, but no response. I walked away and around the market for a good half hour. When I got back to my shop the person was still standing there. I rolled my eyes and logged out, ate some dinner and watched some telly, then logged back in over 2 hours later.

Yes, the person was still there standing in the exact same spot!

If you are standing in someone's doorway, don't leave the computer. If you are standing in someone's store in front of their merchandise, don't leave the computer. If you've not been invited to stand there on someone's property to get their traffic count up, don't fecking stand there! TP home, sit down in a chair, or whatever. Get out of the way!